A Brief Background

on what I've been up to over the past 7 or so years.


Along with what you see below I've had many freelance jobs for website designs, logo design, graphics etc. 
I haven't added any of these to this section as they're usually completed and signed off within a few days.

My strongest skill sets and are in Graphic design, Website design, SEO, and SEM.  I am constantly learning new technologies and improving my skills.

I'm a Google certified partner and can help you with targeted advertising campaigns to best maximise your company budget.
I have experience in maximising social advertising campaigns including Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. 

Discover Northern Ireland 



Date: December 2014 - Current  -  Location: Remote Based

About the position:
Discovernorthernireland Is the top tourism website for NI with over 13,000+ worldwide visitors per day.

Work Description:

When this position started in 2014 my job was simply to create graphics for the discovernorthernireland.com homepage carousel and ad slots throughout the website.  
Within the first few months, I was granted access to the entire admin section and server to enable me to build new advanced campaign pages that simply weren't achievable using the staffs content management system.
I regularly attended briefing meetings with some large clients to brainstorm and pitch new ideas for website campaigns.
I often had to work to extremely deadlines which at times had me working around the clock. 

I thoroughly enjoyed working with the DiscoverNI team, they're a great team of highly enthusiastic, creative and positive people. I had the opportunity to further develop my skills and work on exciting new projects, including some for Film & TV like the incredible Game of Thrones, Dracula Untold and some of Northern Ireland's largest outdoor events including The Irish OpenGiro 'd'Italia and more.


As web editor for discovernorthernireland.com I worked very closely with Mike for a number of years in his role as an external graphic design contractor.  In that time I found him to be very hardworking with an extremely professional attitude to his work.  He over-delivered on regular occasions and very often to extremely tight deadlines and turned work around in a very quick timeframe.  Mike is extremely trustworthy and I felt confident having him work on projects remotely. 


Mike had a full understanding of the nature of the website he was creating content and graphics for and fully adhered to brand guidelines.


Mike presented fresh, new and innovative concepts in his creative design approaches when briefed for content needs.


He is extremely flexible and often worked unsociable hours to ensure that tight deadlines were met.

Carla Scott

Discover Northern Ireland

Tourism NI 

tourismni.com (formally northernirelandtouristboard)


Date: March 2014 - Current  -  Location: Remote Based

About the position:
Tourism NI is responsible for the development of tourism and the marketing of Northern Ireland as a tourist destination to domestic tourists, from within Northern Ireland.

Work Description:

My position with ToursimNI was solely to create graphics for the website, including banner graphics and various ad locations throughout the website. 
They also recently rebranded from the "Northern Ireland Tourist Board" to "Tourism NI" which meant, as the sole graphic designer I was responsible for rebranding every single graphic on the site, email footers, social pages and 100's of physical printed grading plaques they use to grade hotels, attractions & B&B's in thousands of locations throughout Northern Ireland. 

Vouchers NI / The Very Thing / Chatterbox 



Date: June 2010 - December 2014 Location: Remote & Office Based

About the position:
We designed an printed magazines, discount vouchers, and newspapers for delivery to over 100k+ homes in Northern Ireland.

Work Description:

I started out by designing all the advertisements for the print media, which entailed getting some details from the client and putting a graphic together that best suited their particular branding.  

I would have been putting together around 200+ graphics per week before putting them all together into a magazine format and rendering for print/delivery. 
I also did flyer/logo and business card designs on a regular base.

This position was deadline after deadline, I'm not going to lie, this was at times a very stressful position but none the less I quickly became a partner before helping move the business forward by hiring more designers to take on a heavier load and securing new business premises and expanding.

I left this position sometime in 2011 on very good terms after helping train new staff so I could take on the Challenge with Tourism NI and Discover 

The newspaper still continues to flourish today and they've expanded into even more challenging areas.